February 28, 2017
Having been asked lately on how I edit my photographs, what camera I use and  etc… I gathered my thoughts and started pencilling down in my notebook and I came up with this. Not sure if it might relate to all. But surely a sense of direction on what goes on in the mind of mine can be read here.

Being Authentic
You can always get inspirations from your niche and all, cause obviously you're a creative writer and you do need some inspirations to feed  and get your brain juices flowing. But when translating, make sure to be yourself and that will impress your real followers. After all, if they are following you, you caught their interests and something unique about you that made them want to follow your account. Plus if you are not yourself, be certain that in the long run you are going to exhaust yourself trying to keep up something else that you are not. Ask yourself what interests you, what kind of things do you want to share online on your account, the kind of subject you want your account to reflect on you and etc. 

Post & Photo Editing
Don't you love feeds that tells you a story and portraits a certain kind of image? Be it Fashion, Travels or Cuisines... Download photo editing apps to get filters other than the ones that Instagram provides. Try to stick to a certain filter so that your posts combines and creates harmony in your account.  What I mentioned are just some ways, but of course everyone has their own way of conceptualizing which makes them uniquely them. Instagram is like almost first point of contact to strangers we never met before, hence a good first impression does matter. So lastly do not forget to give a good caption!
For starters you may consider these apps that i personally use too:

Quality Investment
For beginners who are picking the camera skills may not necessarily need an expensive DSLR for high quality pics To be honest many smart phones these days have good grade camera and built in features that are amazing. But the camera is not the only object that makes a shot great. The positioning, the products placement, the angle of your camera frame, lighting and etc are already to be considered to be secrets behind each individual shots taken. When I started taking photos 6 years ago, I had my apple iPhone 4s and Sony Cyber shot camera to assist me. When travelling became more involved in my life, my Nikon D5300 DSLR that has built in WIFI came into my life. Of course than you start purchasing different lenses according to your needs and other gadgets accordingly. If you are thinking about buying a DSLR Camera I can recommend the Canon EOS 600D or 700D for beginners. Yes I am also a Canon fan as well as Sony. Since I am also very much involved in water activity GoPro is a great investment and from there you can slowly invest in a drone:)

Posting  schedule & Planning your content
The perfect time of day to post differs between every single account. If you have many international followers it is hard to identify the best time. Just observe your active followers. That should be the best way to find out at what time your followers hang around on Instagram ;) But I am going to write another post on this topic soon.
I personally get excited and tend to post 3 shots in a day. But that is just my style and apologize for the spam your notification feed. start with one post a day to keep your followers interested. Unless  you have reasons to post more go ahead.  But don't go MIA case the main purpose of following an account is to see what comes next. If you read dread for content, plan ahead of what to post and keep track that way.
Like it's already October and I have already started planning for my favorite month in the year NOVEMBER!

International Target Market Audience
Most major social medias are well known all over the world and users for these amazing sites and apps can even now be assessed from the most remote part of the world and that is how far your outreach can be. Isn't that something amazing! A subject and of course a topic of your interest should be universal if you want to tap into the global market. As it has to resonate with the audience to spark any interests at all.
Sadly  the most common language might not be your mother tongue and so try to  do your best in posting in English or with additional English translation. Besides nowadays most social media also provide translation buttons which are amazing!!!

Passionate and Fun
Having thousands of followers should not be your ideal thought for entering social media. You should be passionate and interested in what you want to share and advocating the message will lead you with true followers. I say these things cause I am personally a true believer in this. I had made plenty of amazing friends through social media networking and some even now my long time good friends.  Be resourceful cause there are so many free and readily available information out there for you to learn and update  yourself from.

If you have any suggestions and more advises, feel free to drop a line. Would love to hear your views.

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